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Why Adopting the Right Mindset Will Help Your Internet Business Fly

By Guest Blogger – Maggie Gee, West Sussex, England.

I guess you are wondering what a positive mindset has to do with generating leads and income for your business.

If there is a problem with the Internet, it’s that many people tell you it’s “easy” to make money quickly. Actually this is not so. It’s not easy at all, particularly to the newbie or beginner. But it really is possible to achieve a good successful Internet Marketing business within a short space of time – if you work at it. I call it a ‘do-it-yourself’ Internet Marketing start-up.

It won’t come to your doorstep without a bit of effort, but it is possible, and it can be done, providing you get the right help and advice.
It’s crucial to understand that adopting the correct mindset is the key. This won’t happen overnight; you will need to work at it.

Some people are born with a positive outlook on life, but most of us need to work to develop it. You must learn to sustain a positive attitude to understand you can fulfill your destiny of becoming successful, and therefore wealthy. Show me a successful person who does not have a positive attitude…

We all suffer from doubt, but hey – it’s doubt that stops us from starting.
Truly believe, and you will succeed. You will deal with any obstacles in your path, and you will achieve whatever you set out to do. It’s called SUCCESS.
You need not be the most intelligent, nor the most talented person. But you DO need remain positive, and you DO need to TAKE ACTION.

Here are a few pointers to help you get there:

Daily Task Management

Write a daily ‘to do list’ of things you need to achieve during that day. Then as you achieve each of those tasks you can cross it off the list, and feel a great sense of accomplishment in the process!

Motivational Goal Setting

Motivational goal setting is pretty essential in any business, but I believe particularly so in Internet Marketing. So you will need to actually write down your goals for the next week, next month, next year, as well as your daily tasks.

Secrets of Goal Setting

There really are no goal setting secrets. Mind you, it’s important to set realistic goals, and not write down a zany sentence such as ‘I will be a millionaire by this time next month’. Keep your written goals as practical as possible, but they should stretch you a little at the same time, otherwise there is little point in performing this exercise.

Remember, the right mindset is your key to success. You CAN fulfil your destiny and become successful – and wealthy!

Begin with one small step
Don’t let others stand in your way
Walk your own path
Some may laugh – so what
Many will follow
Don’t ever give up
Educate yourself
Read motivational and self help books.
A recommended read is “The Midas Method” by Stuart Goldsmith. He writes a lot of common sense, and by the time you have gotten to the end of his book you will understand that “The Sky is the Limit”!

Another excellent eBook I would highly recommend is “Shattering the Myth” by Chris Farrell. It’s all about “Adopting the right mindset to make the Internet work for you”. You can download this eBook free at: http://www.maggie-recommends.com/shattering

Maggie Gee is a UK based Internet marketer, offering help for the real beginner. She is specialising in helping Newbies or Beginners get going with their own Internet Marketing business. Article writing is also a favourite. If you found the above article useful, please visit http://www.maggie-recommends.com where you will find unlimited help for the beginner.

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Maggie Gee

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Oi You are you a Guru?

Oi You – Are You a GURU?

Oi You – Are You A GURU?
By Keith Everett…

I decided to write this brief article after listening to some comments over the last few weeks, about so called Guru’s.

It seems all the rage these days to BASH Guru’s… as we are bombarded with headlines like “The Killer Traffic Secrets, The Guru’s Don’t Want You To Know” etc, etc (who are these Guru’s that DON’T want you to know all these things?) – and more recently on Facebook where the term “Guru” was being used to comment on a well known Internet Marketer apparently becoming “more Guru like in the last couple of weeks”…. INSULT or PRAISE???

YOU Decide…

So exactly who (or what) is a Guru, how did they get this badge of honour (or shame) and does it all really matter?
Here are some web definitions of the word Guru.

1) A recognized leader in some field, or of some movement
2) A Hindu or Buddhist religious leader and spiritual teacher

The Guru – Chori Chori

There are other definitions but these are the two main ones – The word originates in sanskrit and is formed by the syllables gu and ruGu indicates darkness, and ru indicates destruction. Thus, when translated directly, guru means ‘dispeller of darkness.

OK, so for those of us in Business, Online or Offline, it would pretty much be 1) a recognized leader in some field, or of some movement.

So, how do you get to be a Guru in the first place and what are the implications of becoming a Guru (apart from being hated for being one).?

I would love to hear your thoughts on this… here are mine.

It seems people become Guru’s by being successful in their chosen field.  They then have a large following of people, students etc who look to them for guidance & continuous tuition, growth, realisation etc..

By now, the Guru’s following is so large, he/she now has to automate the very things that endeared him/her to their audience in the beginning, hence undoing some of the great work they did in the first place to get this great following.

Let’s take this a step further. Most of us know about social branding, we create these recognisable images of ourselves to create a following. We network through social networks to gain friends & contacts. We want to be considered a “brand” to be trusted and we produce excellent services and products to meet the expectation of the “brand”..

We then become SUCCESSFUL!!! (this can mean different things to different people)… our following is growing DAILY by hundreds, if not thousands..

We are so EXPERT!!… even the Experts, call on us and want to PARTNER up with us…  We are fast becoming a LEGEND… a GURU of ALMIGHTY proportions.

Then what happens?

AUTOMATION….. that’s what happens…

Being someone with so many followers, it gets to be virtually IMPOSSIBLE to sustain personal contact with so many people and you all get automated… gone are the email replies, the personal replies on Facebook etc.. it all gets automated to customer services, and customer service assistants.

Hence, the slippery slope to Guruism (is that a word?)

I think one of the negative sides to our culture in the WEST is to build people up into heroes and then BASH them back down to earth when they are seemingly successful.

It seems you are allowed to get SO FAR in life, but if you are seen to be going beyond that point – you are then seen to be breaking some unwritten law, hence you shall be KNOCKED off your perch and PUNISHED..

I think, once a person of the PEOPLE, starts to become, in their eyes – a GURU – this is how or why I think RESENTMENT starts to set in.

So what can we do about it?

From a Guru’s point of view:

1) Don’t forget the very people who put you up there. You got where you are through personal contact, not customer services

2) People are the life blood of any business, shake a few hands every now and then and take two minutes out of your day to thank someone on your list personally for sticking with you.

3) Give your personal assistants & customers service reps a day off and get back to re-connecting with your customers every now and again

From a Customer/Student’s point of view

1) Don’t take it personally, most Guru’s are not really Guru’s at all, they are just busy people who are victims of their own Success, most of their time is spent creating great products and services to bring you.

2) Enjoy what you have learnt from these people and move on if necessary, tell them what you like by all means but DO tell them what’s NOT working for you, if they don’t know what’s wrong, they can’t fix it.. and if they know, but don’t fix it – move on..

Personally, I don’t really think Guru’s exist apart from in people’s minds.. Sure if you bump someone up enough and keep telling them how fabulous they are all the time, some might just start acting like ROCK STARS and believe they are some sort of SUPER GOD!  but WE put them there in the first place so surely, if they behave that badly, why not just STOP buying their stuff!

Isn’t a Guru just someone we love to follow because they teach us GREAT things ?

Guru’s – people we give great power to, just so we can BASH them every now and again!  lol


P.S Come on, you just have to comment on this one! I’m DYING to hear from you… don’t let me down