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How To Use Google to SPY On POPULAR Facebook Fan Pages In Your Niche

How To Use Google to SPY On POPULAR Facebook Fan/Like Pages In Your Niche

Happy New Year to you.

Today’s money making tip is short & sweet… but DEADLY, in pinpointing what the most POPULAR fan pages in your niche are “Up To”..

By using this simple method – you can SPY on the Whys, the Hows, & the Who What Whens, of these successful Facebook Fan/Like pages.. What makes them so popular?…

Step 1 – Go to google.com

Step 2 – Type in –  site:www.facebook.com “your niche main keyword” “1000..10000 People Like This”

For example if you were into the dog training niche and you select “dog training” as your keyword, you would type in

site:www.facebook.com “dog training” “1000..10000 People Like This”

That’s it…

now you will see displayed, those POPULAR killer Fan pages in your niche… You can now SPY on what they are up to.. Mission Impossible, eat your heart out…

Have a great day

Keith (SpysRus) Everett

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One Way To Hit Page 1 On Google…A Traffictastic Traffic Tip.

Today’s Money Making Tip comes from Guest Blogger – Ewen.

Keith, How did you get your site on Page 1 of Google in such a short time, what are we talking about – less than a couple of weeks ? Ewen – I Just wanted to show you what it took to get to first page of Google with 70,000,000 competing broad match keywords in the shortest time possible.

I know there are many ways to do SEO, but I’m just using this as a case study and what went on behind the scenes to get there.

This is a little different than some of the other methods out there, so it should be a good study.

I bought a particular domain in June of this year. It has keywords in the domain, the same name as one of my competitors. But he has the .com, and I have the .net. I had just left it sitting around doing nothing, and I have had a couple of goes selling it.

An Englishman living In Cyprus

It was back in August this year when  I listened to a interview by Brett MacFall, with an Englishman living in Cyprus. I’m referring to him as that because for the moment I have forgotten his name. Anyway the Englishman, living in Cyprus shared a simple system in which he makes a lot of money from owning a large number of sites. Primarily AdSense.

Copy and paste was his content method. And that is what I have done. On my travel website, I have copied and pasted over 500 articles all following the TOS of each directory.

I started with my targeted keyword and have then added ones from the AdSense blocks I could see around directory articles. I Have now also added videos from Youtube.
For back-linking I would bookmark each new entry to eight bookmarking sites, then ping them after the last entry for the day. I Used to use Pingoat, then that started to go offline so moved to Pingomatic.

Keith. I should just step in here to tell readers that “Pinging” is an automatic way of letting the search engines know that you are updating your blog. You can either subscribe to a pinging service which will do this automatically for you, or you can ping from a pinging service yourself, as and when you wish. – Back to you Ewen.

Ewen – Thanks,, I also joined some social bookmarking sites, to share bookmarks so that there is a widespread trail of ISP’s. (Internet Service Providers)

My site was bouncing around in the rankings a lot until I added my target keyword to the front of title, the front of first sentence and at the end of the content. My site just slowly but surely risen now. I’ve added related articles after seeing AdSense blocks on the article directories.  I’ve done videos, including those keywords too.

I would email and phone content owners to tell them that  I’m promoting them, by having their content on my website and direct them to it so they can see it. I would then ask if they would be kind enough to put a link from their website to mine. I have also found a wide assortment of high page ranking sites to comment on. I would use my keyword as my name, and use Easy Hyperlinks – Free Links Creator – from Links Maker – Links made simple to create the code for it.

Some of the sites are related to my website, whilst others aren’t. I have also sent out a press release yesterday, One of the press release sites has an option to have it as a PDF file so I will spread that over some document sharing sites ,as it has my keyword as an anchor text.

I have also had an article made into a video with good male voiceover for $5 on Fiverr. Another Fiverr person will open accounts and submit videos to 50 video sharing sites.

Where the video and file sharing sites allow bookmarking, then these will also get bookmarked.

I’ve also Used the following WordPress plugins…
Auto tagger

As you can see it isn’t complicated and is very, very cheap to implement. It would have been great to see it all layed out like this when I started, so enjoy.

All the best,

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