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keith1 copyHi, my name is Keith Everett I am an Internet Marketer, living in Broxbourne, Hertfordshire, England.

I love my work, if you can call it that – and I really like networking with interesting people from all over the world. I love the power of the Internet and the potential of Facebook to make plenty of like minded positive friends in different countries.

I have researched many ways in which to make more money, it is now a lifetime quest of mine to change not only my own life, but to be a KEY influence in changing the lives of other people around me for the better. One of the greatest pleasures in my life is to see people climbing the ladder of Success and making their dreams come true.

I am a prolific writer, I love to write. I also love photography and travel – My ultimate goal is to keep travelling the world, writing, running my Internet Marketing business and taking pictures of this journey. We are all on a journey, what that exactly means to us, depends on how we look at the World we live in.

I am a great fan of personal development, I love Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie etc. I have read so many great books on the subject. I love knowledge. I truly believe that all great things stem from great thoughts and we become what we think about the most. Positive or Negative..

EVERYTHING is possible when you set your mind to it. I don’t really believe in failure – you can’t fail if you don’t quit..OK, so here is a brief Bio.

At: Age 13, I started my first business. Newsletter publishing. I had reasonable success at this and published my first product. A Newsletter all about “Buses”. My dad wasn’t so impressed though, when a “man” turned up at the house wanting to meet the owner “Me”.. My Dad freaked out about “strangers turning up at the door to meet his 13 yr old son”.

Age 14, I started a Mail Order business and sold books through the “Exchange & Mart”

I got married at 20, Divorced at 22. I was a bit young and stupid..

Age 21, I entered the horse racing business and bought a Bookmakers, with a business partner. We later sold out to Ladbrokes for a nice profit. This was my first “real taste” of making big money. Since then, I have owned and sold a Driving School and an Ice Cream business, I have also had many businesses that didn’t work out but to be honest “I’m UNSTOPPABLE”… lol

In 2003, I had a great holiday in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I was about to enter the world of Online Marketing and this was to be my last holiday for a long while.

In 2004 I started an eBay business, this was to be my first major venture online, and I sold Nutritional & slimming products. I became a powerseller and made a good living from it, This business ended in 2008. I could sell products online quite well but lacked a lot of the basic skills to market myself outside of eBay.

In 2009 I ran a part time horse racing tips business, providing winning information to gamblers. This worked out quite well and people on the service made money most of the time. We had a losing run in the end over several months and I decided that if I couldn’t provide the same value. I would not continue. I sold this business.

In April 2010. I started Internet marketing, specialising in the “make money” niche. This was a pretty lonely time for me as I was working full time from home and I really had to make this work. I felt “Isolated” a lot of the time. I had quit my job, and with a small amount of savings, I was determined to make it pay as a full time Internet Marketer.

Internet Marketing had all the “Hot Keys” I craved. It lets you make money whilst helping other people to Succeed. I know it’s an old cliche, but if you help enough people get what they want, you really will get what YOU want.

I pretty much struggled through 2010, living off my savings and spending each day going round and round in circles, listening to every Tom, Dick & Harry tell you how to be RICH.. buying their STUFF. One of the things I learned fairly rapidly on the Internet and this is NOT Rocket Science is “don’t do what these people say, do what they do”, the two things are not always the same thing.

If you truly want to succeed at making money online, model people who are obviously doing well – then model what THEY do.

I spent months as an Affiliate Marketer, never selling a single thing. I must have checked my Clickbank account every day (not recommended) to see if I had sold anything. FINALLY.. a full 5 months after I began my Internet Marketing journey..

A SALE… $16.60. It had take me 5 months to earn $16.60. Did I give up ? NO…
That TRIUMPH was short lived! Tragedy struck in October 2010 when the love of my life suddenly died of Pneumonia, she was 31. She went into hospital on the Wednesday, she never recovered, and died on the Saturday.

I could have easily quit right there & then, She was my LIFE…and as the bills were piling up, my mental state was shot to pieces, I cried for two whole days, the PAIN was UNBEARABLE.

Why was life SO Unfair!…? Well, the TRUTH is.. it’s about as fair or unfair as you see it!. You can either down tools and give up, or you can keep on going until you change it. The first option really wasn’t an option at all. I’ve never been a quitter and I wasn’t about to be one now.

You see, the one thing that experiencing terrible pain can bring you , is resilience. We can all learn from the “hard knocks” life deals us. When your back is up against the wall, you can either come out fighting, or you can go home CRYING!..

Needless to say, Christmas wasn’t a great time. Being broke and missing your “soulmate” terribly didn’t make for a great celebration, but I was determined to turn things around.

In January 2011, I concentrated on producing content every day. I wrote so many tips & tricks that my eyes felt like they were bleeding from the strain. I worked solidly from 7.30 am to gone midnight, every day.

I SIMPLY had to succeed. I was writing all this great content, people loved it, but still NO real Money.. just an occasional drip from the odd sale of an affiliate product.

I knew I couldn’t pull out now, my house, my online reputation and “my life” was on the line now..

Then in Febuary of 2011, I started making several sales online. My list started to buy more products and instead of making $50/$100 a month, I was now making $500 a month. SURE, not a fortune, but this was LIFE CHANGING income to me.

The so simple SECRET formula that people over complicate ??? Write content people want to read, put it somewhere they can read it, drive traffic to that place, then monetize that content.

What do I do NOW!? Today I have been with once company since November of 2012. I guess you could say, I am now living the dream. I spend my life teaching others to do the same. Why not join me?


PS If you are a new Marketer, struggling like I was, and you are about to give up, my message to you is: Develop a WILL of IRON, a head like a LION, and don’t let ANYTHING Stop you achieving your DREAM..


eMail : keitheverett@ntlworld.com


4 thoughts on “About Keith

  1. Randy Noseworthy

    Ok, I can’t keep up with you! :) You’re a creative marketing monster! BTW, I got http://www.truckerpocketmoney.com going, and just have some, ahem, slight editing to do on my um, page we talked about. Hey, Can you (and I mean anyone that reads Keith’s Blog, visit my site, and click on my Facebook “Follow This Blog” Button for me? – It’s looking really lonely.

    Thanks, and – Yes, Creative er..um those too, but I meant, Constructive Criticism are welcomed, the ink is still wet on that blog…

  2. anne moore

    Totally concur with your thoughts about so much information re joining an online business!
    Great tips, thanks Keith. I am just getting a blog happening ……more work to do on it but getting closer!


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