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A 28 Day Facebook Challenge I’ll Never Forget

As I write this post, I am on day 14 of my 28 day Facebook challenge. I love a good challenge, I tend to  be a person  who is constantly challenging myself, Why do I do this, and how can this help you?

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Prepare for “Super Growth”.. .

My previous challenge was a 62 day day video challenge. The reason I do this is to grow. Expanding your mind and skill level is paramount in this crazy Social Media marketing world we live in. A business that isn’t growing is unfortunately.. dying. Consistency is one of the “secrets” to success online. It’s not what you do once in a while that counts, it’s what you do consistently.

You (the business) will grow by challenging yourself to step up and constantly seek self improvement.

Today’s current challenge is a series of steps  and actions known as the “28 Day Facebook challenge”, it’s also known as the 28 Day Facebook Bootcamp.

How can a Facebook Challenge help you and your team?.

The 28 Day Facebook challenge is a step by step formula to get more interaction on a person’s timeline. There are absolutely no paid ads involved here. Just a simple easy to follow formula that even the newest person can follow.

The title of this post is called “A 28 Day Facebook Challenge I’ll Never Forget” and here’s why. I’ve been around the online marketing circuit since 2010. I understand that to get constant interaction on Social Media, you have to take constant action. Share quality posts, like and comment etc.

However the 28 Day Facebook Challenge takes things to a whole new level. You can simply plug anyone into this done for you challenge. You get 3 posts a day to copy & paste onto your Facebook timeline. These posts are specially designed to get you the most interaction.

On top of this, there is a “special twist” which I can’t mention (I don’t wan’t to give the game away), that will ensure you get massive exposure to your Facebook timeline. On top of this formula we also have a special affiliate marketing program that runs alongside it. This pays out a massive 100% commission, direct to your Paypal if you want.

At the end of the day, it’s all about challenging ourselves to do better. Without challenge, comes stagnation. Successful individuals are always the people on the move. The “movers” and “shakers” of this world.

Don’t take my word for it. Check out some of the “crazy” results here..

Peace and prosperity, always..

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Success Leaves Clues, Are You Doing This Daily?

Success leaves clues. You’ve probably heard this many times before, but if ever there was any kind of formula for success, it would certainly be to follow in the footsteps of successful people, and model what they do.

Successful people all tend to have certain things in common. One of the most powerful things they do  is mentioned in the short video below. Check out the video first

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Consistency is Key.

When people tend to be a bit “in and out” with their marketing, it shows. For instance, choosing many traffic strategies and trying to do them all is in my view, a poor strategy. It is far better to get good at one or two, and to then do them on a consistent basis.

“It’s not what you do every now and again that defines you, but what you do on a constant basis”

If you look at the leaders in our industry, I’m talking six figures upward, they tend to get good at producing content and they then put it out consistently.  Check out Master Blogger Ray Higdon. Do you think he just blogs as and when he feels like it?.  Of course not.

Being consistent in anything is one of the simplest strategies to help you on the road to success. Now obviously you want to make sure that what you are doing is working. Success leaves clues, watch what people “do”, not say. It is what six and seven figure leaders do that actually get’s  the results.

I learned this a long time ago when I first came online as a new marketer. I followed what a big six figure earner taught and made nothing. Only when I followed what he did, did I start to realise my thinking was all out of wack…

Consistency, consistency, consistency… I can’t be consistent enough in driving this point home, so it is permanently etched on your brain.

Success Leaves Clues – Follow This Strategy For Lasting Success Online

This blueprint got me from a no hoper rookie marketer to a full time marketer turning over thousands monthly, in just 36 months BUT I would have done this in under 12 months, had I listened to the right people and modelled what they did.

Step 1. Start being selfless, stop being selfish. This isn’t about YOU, it’s about solving the problems of others. Think of yourself as a problem solver, not a marketer/salesman… whatever!… You are a connector. You connect people to information (and possibly products) that help, empower but most of all scratch their ITCH… (their problem).

Step 2. Be a servant leader. Help others even when there is nothing in it for you. These people will remember you forever, spread nice things about, like and share your stuff on Social Media and possibly join you in a future venture. Don’t look at everyone as an ATM, treat people with respect, treat them how you want to be treated.

Step 3. Brand yourself, not your company. Your products are the solution, you are the company. Make sure people follow you, want more of you, like and trust you enough to want to join you in anything you recommend.  Not all companies last the distance, YOU are forever.

Step 4. Show up in your business every day. People who are following your daily (yes many of these people are “invisible” to you), hate to see inconsistency. People hate to see you always offering changing companies or always adding new shiny objects.

People come to you to relieve themselves of the “shiny object” syndrome, don’t show them how inconsistent and unfocussed you are by always adding new opportunities. Show them how to make consistent profits from one business.

Step 5. Always be evolving. Develop your own style of teaching others, and always fill your head daily with useful content to teach to others.

I hope you can now see, success leaves clues. It really does. I tend to follow a few leaders who I admire and have the knowledge and skills I want to acquire.

Do I learn everything they do?. NO, definitely not, and you shouldn’t either. If your sponsor has a simple blueprint, follow that to get started. If you don’t have a blueprint, click here for a simple strategy to get leads and sign ups on Facebook. 

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Peace and prosperity..